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  133. aussie clown

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13 June 2014

In Australia if you say 'pie' we automatically think meat pie unless you use an adjective with it to indicate otherwise. Also if you refer to a pizza as a pie, I get super confused.



2 June 2014

You know what was a really bad idea? Having string to replace your arms.

27 May 2014

Don't leave babies in cars.

20 May 2014

You can always tell where a film crew has been because there is always without fail gaffer tape left on the ground somewhere.

12 May 2014

Here's a shortfilm I did the prod design for and here's a music video I assisted on.

6 May 2014

These stick figures are so damn dirty.

29 April 2014

Just face it, Ukraine is going to be part of Russia soon. Might as well start updating all our databases and textbooks now.

25 April 2014

My knee is almost fully healed from my accident. I just have to keep strengthen the muscles a bit more. If you wanted to know.

20 April 2014

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15 April 2014

Realtime Horror complete! Read them all here:
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