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The Humans Are Dead
The Humans Are Dead

Kabraxis: The Thief Of Hope



Inspired by the following excerpt taken from The Black Road novel by Richard Knaak:


Gasping, no longer able to do more than sip air, knowing he was only inches from death, Cholik made the final ascent and stopped in front of the massive figure on the throne. Unable to stand in front of the demon, the old priest dropped to his hands and knees on the abrasive black rock that made up the island. He coughed, weakly; the coppery taste of blood filled his mouth, and he saw the scarlet threads spray onto the black rock. He watched in stunned horror as the rock absorbed the blood, drinking it in till the rock was once more dry.

Look at me.

Wracked by pain, certain of his death, Cholik lifted his head. “You had best work quickly, Lord Kabraxis.”

Even seated, the demon was taller than Cholik standing up. The old priest guessed that Kabraxis was twice as tall as a man, perhaps even as much as fifteen feet tall. The demon’s massively broad body was black flesh, marbled with blue fire that burned and ran through him. His face was horrid, crafted of hard planes and rudimentary features: two inverted triangle eyes, no nose but black pits that were nostrils, and a lipless gash of a mouth filled with yellowed fangs. Writhing, poisonous vipers sprouted from his head, all of them beautiful, cool crystal colors of a rainbow.

Do you know of the Black Road? the demon asked, leaning close. All the taunting had left his voice

“Yes,” Cholik gasped.

Are you prepared to face what lies on the Black Road?

The Anatomy Lesson of Ethan Waghorn
The Anatomy of Ethan Waghorn
Gouache on canvas
1.2m x 0.8m
Appropriated from The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp