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8 March 2017

Exhibition was a hit! I'll put it all up online soon.

21 December 2016

I have an art exhibition coming up! It will be hella fun! (Brisbane, AU)

26 Oct 2016

This is my kind of party.

27 Sept 2016

Oh look I'm back! I've been working on other projects and mostly too depressed to post anything cause all my ideas are crap but hey, here we are.

13 June 2014

In Australia if you say 'pie' we automatically think meat pie unless you use an adjective with it to indicate otherwise. Also if you refer to a pizza as a pie, I get super confused.




2 June 2014

You know what was a really bad idea? Having string to replace your arms.

27 May 2014

Don't leave babies in cars.

20 May 2014

You can always tell where a film crew has been because there is always without fail gaffer tape left on the ground somewhere.

12 May 2014

Here's a shortfilm I did the prod design for and here's a music video I assisted on.

6 May 2014

These stick figures are so damn dirty.

29 April 2014

Just face it, Ukraine is going to be part of Russia soon. Might as well start updating all our databases and textbooks now.

25 April 2014

My knee is almost fully healed from my accident. I just have to keep strengthen the muscles a bit more. If you wanted to know.

20 April 2014

Back to regular comics

15 April 2014

Realtime Horror complete! Read them all here:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9

5 April 2014

Lots of editing references in this thing... sorry for those who don't get it.

29 March 2014

So I was out rollerblading like its the 90's when suddenly I fall and DISLOCATE MY KNEECAP. It was horrific and painful and traumatising. There was a guy across the street and I could see he didn't have earphones in so I yelled out at him to help me but he just kept walking away. I think he was on drugs because after someone else had already run to my aid he eventually turned around and slowly walked over to me. As I was grimacing and clenching my knee, he asked me what was wrong, did I hurt my arm? No! My knee! Can't you see its all out of place!? I got him to call my mum and after telling him what my name is three times he finally got it, and then proceeded to tell her I had dislocated my shoulder.

Anyway, I'm slowly recovering all my damaged ligaments but it hurts and I can't really walk and thats why I haven't updated for a while.

1 March 2014

In the world of steampunk, pipeless is the equivalent of our wireless.

Also check out this trailer I worked on:


23 February 2014

I actually dreamt this. It was horrifying. But then at the same time I was glad that I finally had a beard! It was just growing on the inside of my face the whole time! Minor genetic error.

18 February 2014

Sorry I've been really busy lately; worked on a film, quit my job and had a big house party.

29 January 2014

Happy birthday Chewing Fat! Exactly three years ago I posted the first comic with the intent of posting three per week, which quickly disintegrated into one comic every month or so. But at least I kept coming back eventually. Slowly. Well quality over quantity anyway.

This comic was also originally designed as an advertisement for the comic if I had any money to afford advertising.

25 January 2014

Sometimes I get really sick of all this green. But then I love it again.

20 January 2014

This actually happened to me. The guy thought I was trying to sell him something and I was stunned. He happened to take a seat nearby so I went up to him and corrected his mistake.

14 January 2014

I really hate it when people put disclaimers on youtube videos full of stolen content. I immediately label them as idiots and hate them.

Also! This design is now available in the shop, based off this comic.

Looking UP


10 January 2014

Look Herzog up, he does sound pretty crazy.

7 January 2014

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

2 January 2014

I've never actually played in snow myself :(

29 December 2013

Wow I am so slow at drawing comics. It's been almost three years now and I'm only just over the 100 mark. I'll return to Realtime Horror in a bit.

23 December 2013

Sorry its been ages, I got really busy and then I moved house and stuff. I think after this I'll go back to regular comics for a bit.

14 November 2013

Solid-holographic bridge? Too easy!

9 November 2013

I finally saw Gravity last night so I just had to quickly get this comic out while it's still relevant before going back to Realtime Horror. Gravity was great but the projection was really bad so I need to see it again at a different cinema. Also, first comic in a colour other than green/brown! Crazy, huh?

2 November 2013

This is the first part of some sort of multi-part thing. I dunno how long it'll go for, but it'll be fun.

24 October 2013

Hey I got to work on my first broadcasted TV show, World Animal Championships. I helped out in art dept a bit for the later episodes, it was really fun.

11 September 2013

I have the weirdest, most elaborate and vivid dreams, and this was one of them. I often want to turn a dream into a comic because at the time the story sounds amazing and I think my subconscious is a genius but then I usually wake up and realise its a terrible idea.

19 August 2013

Lately I have been working on a fan-made animated music video for Marina and the Diamonds. Hopefully I complete it this time, because last time I tried an animated music video I gave up after about a month. You can view my last attempt here if ya'll want to.

28 July 2013

If you've never explored the wonderful world of dating apps, NSA means no strings attached.

7 July 2013

Jpeg is an alright guy but sometimes he can be a real dick.

Also! My shortfilm The Fall Of Erebus is now online! Watch it <<<

12 June 2013

I wish my comic was as good and creative and cool as Gun Show.

3 May 2013

100th comic! Wow that took a lot longer than expected. Noone really cares anyway, what's more important is that the associated comic is full of my actual childhood memories. I actually really felt uncomfortable getting my nappy changed when other people were around.

10 March 2013

I actually went to an apple group interview recently and it was horrible. They are so in love with themselves it made me feel so sick I just wanted to get out of there. Thankfully they rejected me, though I still probably would have taken the job if they offered it.

6 February 2013

My friend Claire drew this for me for my birthday yesterday which I thought was pretty great and wanted to share it!

2 February 2013

Yesterday was Hourly Comics Day and I took part for the first time! It was really fun getting to include the people around me into my comic. Surprisingly and luckily this was actually a somewhat eventful day. Lately all I have been doing is sleeping literally all day and sitting on the computer all night as I am pretty much nocturnal due to my night shift work.

9 January 2013

Wow it's just about been two years since I started this thing! 2012 went pretty quickly and was not as productive as I would have liked to have been in life... but oh well! My own fault. I was productive in many small ways.

18 December 2012

Not long now until the end of the world! Maybe I should have spent my time on a better comic than this piece of crap.

13 December 2012

Well shit.

9 December 2012

I think these things whenever I am driving. Also I don't have any LoL friends, add me! Atrumentis

7 December 2012

I made a guest strip for IDK comics and in turn Will wrote one for me! He doesn't draw himself so I drew it for him.

Check out IDK comics, they are wonderfully depressing!

2 December 2012

Inspired by my friend Peter J Black. I've been really lazy and/or depressed lately, but I have gotten to the point where I am so bored I had no choice but to draw another comic.

18 October 2012

American Horror Story season 2!!! Eff yes I am about to watch it.

10 October 2012

Wow I have not had any inspiration for these past few months, but I do now! Also, like the new added colour to the comic? I'm really sick of the monotone.

14 July 2012

I find it really convenient that nearly every citizen in Diablo III knows how to repair armour.

2 July 2012

I almost feel sorry for all the animals the witch doctor uses... but then I realise how much fun I am having.

24 June 2012

Seriously worst film ever.

11 June 2012

Aaand I'm back! I didn't actually go anywhere, I just didn't feel like updating. But then I saw Prometheus and I hated it so much that I had to express myself. The plot doesn't go anywhere, nothing links up or is explained. I feel like there were only two acts and we are still waiting on the third to bring it all together. And why was everyone on the ship only meeting for the first time? Did they never have a meeting or talk about the mission before they committed themselves to at least four years of their life with a chance of no return? How can a team function when noone knows what anyone else's role is. The mission was doomed from the start. And how is it that they have cameras on their suits that sends out a video and audio signal, but doesn't send out a signal that tracks their location? AND OH NO, THERE'S A HUGE ELONGATED PIECE OF SHIP FALLING TOWARDS ME, LETS RUN AWAY FROM IT LENGTHWAYS WHERE I HAVE TO RUN HUNDREDS OF METRES INSTEAD OF JUST A FEW METRES IF I RAN SIDEWAYS INSTEAD. HURRDURR.

And if you didn't get the first strip, having little satellite things sticking out of the space ship is a bad idea because they will burn off when entering a planet's atmosphere. Also I don't care if Vickers revealing that Weyland is her father possibly hints at her being an android, IT DOESN'T AFFECT THE PLOT WHATSOEVER.


30 March 2012

Don't let it trick you, facebook doesn't really want to know what's on your mind. That's what twitter is for.

In other news, I have a shirt design up for scoring on Threadless! Give it a 5! I really need the money because I am unemployed and this is clearly a really good business plan. The design is based on this comic.

24 March 2012

I think this is the strangest comic I have ever drawn, and will ever draw.

21 March 2012

Is it too late for Maybelline jokes?

18 March 2012

I finally edited together a showreel, check it out. It includes the best shots from everything I've done, except a couple things because I don't have my own copy of them yet. Damn lazy directors/producers!

16 March 2012

Diablo III comes out May 15th!

14 March 2012

If anyone still thinks that whole Kony campaign by Invisible Children is a good thing, read this.

12 March 2012

The frequency of new comics is directly related to my current mood, which isn't a very good business plan.

The other day at the zoo I got to have marmosets climb all over me. They are incredibly cute and definitely my favourite animals at the zoo.

Also, two things that I helped make just got released: Stonewind Sky and Little Trees.

22 February 2012

Oh boy it has been quite some time since the last comic. Sorry for anyone who cares! I blame Skyrim. It's just... so... good. Because of that I missed Chewing Fat's first anniversary! It was a month ago! Oh well, no one really cares.

In other news, I started volunteering at my local zoo which is pretty fun. Instead of paying to get special interactions with the animals, I work my arse off for it. Hooray! I actually got to hold a baby wallaby the other week.

22 January 2012

One year left to go! Make it a good one!

26 December 2011

You should definitely start using 'shade' in this way from now on.

24 December 2011

So I found out that my webhoster GoDaddy supported SOPA, and then reclined as soon as the entire internet hated them for it. This also lead me to discover that the CEO of GoDaddy shoots elephants once a year for an unjustified reason. This is not a company I want to give my money to, so I'm switching.

Merry Xmas!

22 December 2011

Instead of having the same description every time for the facebook post, I've decided to change it up every time that corresponds with the comic.

Also my graduating year made a little introduction for the screening of our shortfilms which you should watch. We each chose a line from our favourite movie and said it. I also am the one who did the opening and closing animation for it.

20 December 2011

Teenage Jesus is back! It's been a while, but he's still here.

I've been feeling pretty good lately, which means I have the energy to draw lots of comics!

18 December 2011

Christopher Hitchens :(

15 December 2011

Hmmm, this site needs a new image in place of that messy green and white one.

13 December 2011

New music video! Last Dinosaurs - Zoom, really effing good song.  It's hard to see, but I was in charge of the light projections on their faces and instruments. The projections look automatic, but I was actually doing them by hand with pieces of cardboard and an OHT projector. Except the circles and grid, they were projections hooked up to a laptop.

Also a doco I shot a year and a half ago is now up online: Lace and Petticoats.

8 December 2011

I hate how actors think that anyone actually cares about them.

I could have had this comic up the other day but then I got access to the Diablo III closed beta. So, you know. Also I have been watching American Horror Story, which is by far my favourite show ever!

18 November 2011

But what kind of link? It doesn't make any sense! If you haven't heard of the Machine of Death yet, click what I just said.

Also, The Fall Of Erebus did not win. Oh well, the nomination is still awesome!

Also also, check out this really awesomely-edited music video that I worked on.

1 November 2011

Oh hey The Fall Of Erebus got nominated for Best Production Design at QNFA.

27 October 2011

You know, I'd like to see a film about Harold Camping. I think it would be really interesting to see the relationships of his family as they go through what they believe to be the end of the world. Of course the world never ends, but in a way it does end for them anyway because they have spent all their money on promotions, quit all their jobs, said their goodbyes and everything. Harold's family has put all their trust into him only to be severely let down and misguided. Will they pull through, or will they be forever torn apart? Or will Harold just come up with another date and everything goes back to normal. I'd like to see!

24 October 2011

In case this comic doesn't come across properly, I'm pointing out that just because a language is old doesn't mean it's any more special. Though it sure is a lot cooler.

20 October 2011

This is what goes through my mind whenever I read a script involving props getting broken. And then when props do get broken, I mourn for them. Okay this isn't a very good comic, I just wanted to express my feelings.

16 October 2011

Ugh I've been really sick lately. Like, perverted-sick.

10 October 2011

Man, directors, huh?

Also, I put up my first proper ad on Pictures For Sad Children, one of my favourite webcomics.

8 October 2011

I do find the concept of the Scroll of Companion in Diablo III kind of odd. A small creature runs around with you collecting gold, right? How else do you think it accomplishes this?

6 October 2011

I don't really understand it when people get upset about having to take medication for the rest of their life. They make it sound like if it weren't for that one little thing then there would be nothing else holding them down; nothing else that they have to do every day to stay healthy and alive.

3 October 2011

I am so sick of people disrespecting props.

30 September 2011

I went to a Q&A with Willem Dafoe talking about his latest film The Hunter. The film briefs over a background story of Tasmania's history involving greenies who want to save the forest vs woodcutters who want to save their jobs. Some lady in the audience got angry at this because apparently she has been happily living her suburban life for 30 years and wasn't expecting the film to resurface these issues. There was, as she puts it, "no warning". Hurr duurrr, go back to living in denial. Luckily though, after a few minutes of confused 'wtfs' from everyone, the MC suddenly asked the audience "Who's been to Tasmania!?"

I haven't.

26 September 2011

This is the only scenario in which I ever want to hear the phrase "The location fell through" from a producer, ever.

23 September 2011

Man I love milk.

16 September 2011

Back on schedule at last.

13 September 2011

Everytime I sneeze my sternum cracks.

10 September 2011

Wow I have been so busy again I haven't had time at all to draw anything. It's filming season right now, so many productions are being shot right now.

Also, I had a really cool stopmotion dream that I want to turn into a stopmotion animation. I haven't done stopmotion before though... but I'm sure I could do it. Just give me a few months.

11 August 2011

Whew. It has been a crazy past few weeks, I have been so exhausted and have had no time to post anything. I'm not apologising, I'm just letting you know.

30 July 2011

27 July 2011

I actually dreamt this. In my dream, I had a smokey genie in my hands and the first thing I did was blow on him.

Sorry for no updates lately, I suddenly got wrapped up in a cool female boxing shortfilm possibly named Gambit (working title).

13 July 2011

Don't ever stop playing with them.

5 July 2011

I just finished working on a really cool shortfilm that I was the production designer for. I can't wait to see the final product! I'll post some stills up soon, but unfortunately like most of the things I work on, I won't be allowed to post the whole thing up on the net for quite a while.

I also now have a little button-ad up on Fuck Yeah Art Student Owl that I hope people will notice.

18 June 2011

This video isn't really funny, more just a cool concept. Sorry about the lack of updates for the past two weeks too, I unexpectedly got really busy all of a sudden.

29 May 2011

New artwork in the art section. It's called The Humans Are Dead.

26 May 2011

So this has been kind of bugging me for a while. I really like Google, and I think their new OS sounds great! It's just that I have a really crappy internet connection that keeps cutting out and I just know that something like this would be happening to me constantly if I got it.

24 May 2011

Nothing really worth saying about the Rapture.

16 May 2011

Some guy recently died when he fell from planking on the railing of the seventh floor of a building. If you don't know what planking is, look at this.

10 May 2011

Hey my shortfilm, The Fall of Erebus got onto Channel 10 News the other night. Crazy!

6 May 2011

I didn't plan on doing an Osama comic - there are so many jokes about him already out there and they are all so good, but then it just came to me and I couldn't avoid it.

4 May 2011

Poor string-for-arms.

2 May 2011

This is how every single meeting goes for film kids.

Woo, the black family tree comic got onto memebase! And now that I actually have potential followers, I really need to keep updating this thing on time.

Meanwhile, I also now have a page to show off some stills and artwork from The Fall of Erebus. I can't post the actual film yet, but these will do for now.

28 April 2011

It all makes sense now.

26 April 2011

Happy Easter!

16 April 2011

What's this? My short film got into Cannes Shortfilm Corner!? No way!

12 April 2011

Absence? What absence?

... Did somebody say absinth?

26 March 2011

Oh no, not this doctor again. (Bats are, in fact, not blind).

24 March 2011

I have nothing against transgender pokemon, but Machoke seems to have had quite the experience when visiting the Unova region.

21 March 2011

Man that first act in Up is really depressing.

16 March 2011

I always thought that penises were quite strange and alien-like, if you think about it.

10 March 2011

New facebook 'like' button is up and working. Now you can easily share any comic with all your millions of friends!

1 March 2011

Woops, I missed two updates. Not that there's anyone really reading this to care! (Not yet!)

Also, it's been a whole month!

20 February 2011

New Radiohead album came out, The King of Limbs, and I am quite disappointed. It sounds like a new Thom Yorke solo album - in which case would make a lot of sense and would not disappoint me at all. But four years waiting for this thing? It just doesn't feel complete, or like much effort was put into it. Maybe it will grow on me with time...

16 February 2011

I never thought it right that gambling for minors is illegal, yet pokemon games are full of poker machines.

12 February 2011

I saw Amanda Palmer tonight. It was hectic! The equipment didn't work, and then these two dykes wouldn't stop talking which got themselves kicked out, and it all made Amanda cry! Also I saw her butt. And it was all filmed!

8 February 2011

My CV is up! All it needs now is some pretty pictures. Also a new artwork is in the art section.

6 February 2011

I come up with at least one new idea every night, so I figure I should post new comics more often than twice a week.

3 February 2011

All those times the light switched on during the night in Paranormal Activity? Yeah, that was just the demon going to the bathroom.

2 February 2011

I can't get my CV up because it's on my harddrive which I recently lent to someone.

1 February 2011

Site almost complete. Six comics up so far!

31 January 2011

Another comic! I'm getting the hang of this. Also, I hate Inception.

30 January 2011

Second comic!

29 January 2011

Site launched! And severely lacking content.