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  122. realtime horror #7

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29 March 2014

So I was out rollerblading like its the 90's when suddenly I fall and DISLOCATE MY KNEECAP. It was horrific and painful and traumatising. There was a guy across the street and I could see he didn't have earphones in so I yelled out at him to help me but he just kept walking away. I think he was on drugs because after someone else had already run to my aid he eventually turned around and slowly walked over to me. As I was grimacing and clenching my knee, he asked me what was wrong, did I hurt my arm? No! My knee! Can't you see its all out of place!? I got him to call my mum and after telling him what my name is three times he finally got it, and then proceeded to tell her I had dislocated my shoulder.

Anyway, I'm slowly recovering all my damaged ligaments but it hurts and I can't really walk and thats why I haven't updated for a while.

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