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  85. prometheus

A webcomic about the film prometheus

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11 June 2012

Aaand I'm back! I didn't actually go anywhere, I just didn't feel like updating. But then I saw Prometheus and I hated it so much that I had to express myself. The plot doesn't go anywhere, nothing links up or is explained. I feel like there were only two acts and we are still waiting on the third to bring it all together. And why was everyone on the ship only meeting for the first time? Did they never have a meeting or talk about the mission before they committed themselves to at least four years of their life with a chance of no return? How can a team function when noone knows what anyone else's role is. The mission was doomed from the start. And how is it that they have cameras on their suits that sends out a video and audio signal, but doesn't send out a signal that tracks their location? AND OH NO, THERE'S A HUGE ELONGATED PIECE OF SHIP FALLING TOWARDS ME, LETS RUN AWAY FROM IT LENGTHWAYS WHERE I HAVE TO RUN HUNDREDS OF METRES INSTEAD OF JUST A FEW METRES IF I RAN SIDEWAYS INSTEAD. HURRDURR.

And if you didn't get the first strip, having little satellite things sticking out of the space ship is a bad idea because they will burn off when entering a planet's atmosphere. Also I don't care if Vickers revealing that Weyland is her father possibly hints at her being an android, IT DOESN'T AFFECT THE PLOT WHATSOEVER.